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Infinite Care Services is a private home care provider with a distinctive quality of care serving the community since 2015. Through testimonials and referrals we

have experience a tremendous growth. We are coming up strongly as competitors in the industry around the globe to correct errors noted in home care services, and create care plan that would provide quality care and services to your families, loved ones, and the communities as a whole in Georgia.


Our professional team is unbeatable, and our workers are certified and licensed by the state of Georgia.  We are well trained according to the vision of our standards and follow the state rules and regulations. We are 'infinite', a passionate care for a better living. Our hands are open to support our clients and families with the best of care.


We offer personal care, companionship/sitter and nursing services. Contact us today!  We will be there to care and support you; anywhere you call your home.


The team at Infinite Care Services came up with a

unique care plan to address our community based on clients and families need.  We have a compassionate and skillful way of making your loved ones and the community feel safe and love in a way that your loved ones will be delighted and encouraged to find life worth living even at the cost of managing their old age/illness, and other challenges of life.


At Infinite Care Services, we treat our clients with love and support as a family. This is our mission and our statement expresses the truth we stand for. Join us to make our goal a reality for you or your loved ones



Family has always been important to me. The vital reason I have been able to pursue a career in healthcare is because of the love I had for my loved ones. Growing up, I watched my parents struggle with

hypertension, diabetes, and stroke. Also, I witnessed close family members going through the

humiliation of Parkinson disease and epilepsy. I lived with this trauma of what I observed growing up with my parents and siblings. When I Finished high school, I went to college and obtained a degree as an accountant, but I wasn’t satisfied with my career choice. Meanwhile, my other siblings continued seeking for caregivers to render personal care to them, but we never found anyone passionate enough to bid our expectations. I noticed that my parents were vigorously mishandled by different family members coming in to help, which led to abuse that could not be

traced. It was hard to watch my loved ones struggle and suffering the pain of illness alone: that is

where the determination to make a difference in the world gave birth to Infinite Care Services.  Waking up from my dilemma, I promised never to let anyone go through what my parents and siblings suffered in the challenge of sickness.

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