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Infinite Care Services LLC is a home care provider with a difference. Our vision lies on our

unique quality of passionate care and services to our clients. As our name is 'infinite', we are to

stand the test of time in the health care industry. Our dream is to record your satisfaction and to

unleash the burden of families or individuals who want their loved ones to be cared for in their

homes. Our internal drive is to provide you, your loved ones, families and the community a

better and valuable care in Georgia. We are the shoulder to lean on, a hand to support you, and a

hope for a better living. Our determinant drive is towards your satisfaction. Our goal is to see

you and your love ones enjoy a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Serving Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

Taking the pulse of an older patient
  • Creating a more conducive network team to meet your total satisfaction

  • Coming stronger to correct many care errors at home setting

  • Eradicating abuse and negligence

  • Offering assistive measures to keep you and your loved ones going

  • Acquiring the freedom of living in your beautiful home to your last day

  • We are competitors to achieve the top excellence lead in the Home Care Industry.

  • Our professionalism is unbeatable. Our workers are well trained, licensed and certified and our teams are skillful and competent enough to deliver your demand


We invite you to join us and uphold our vision concerning you and your loved ones. A trial will convince you and prove our statements. We are Infinite, a passionate care team for your better living. We offer free in-home consultation to discuss your care needs and answer your questions.

Contact us today for the care you need wherever you call your home.

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