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Our team is made of professionals certified and licensed by the state of Georgia. Our staff is well experienced and capable to handle their various positions within their professional code of duty and according to the standards mandated by the state rules and regulations.  On-going training is provided to keep abreast of the latest changes happening in the healthcare field.


We are constantly looking to hire qualified individuals who are compassionate and dedicated to offering top quality care for the well-being of our clients. 


Before they are hired, candidates undergo a thorough employment process.  They must submit a completed job application, mandatory documentation and have a pleasant personality and professional attitude.

When applying candidate must submit ALL the required items to be considered for a job:

  • Drivers's license

  • Social security card

  • CNA certification or RN/LPN license

  • TB test results or TB Symptom Screen

  • Background check report


*Failure to provide proper documentation will delay hiring process or hinder your chance for employment.

All applications must be completed and submitted in person at the office.

Please call to schedule an appointment.

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